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14 Days at MKC ( SSB Interview )

Here commences the great journey to the holiest assignment of defending the sovereignty of mother India as an officer of the most awesome Armed Forces of the world.

The aspirants coming here with long cherished wish of joining the Indian Army/Airforce/Navy are though full of zeal yet they are totally green and raw and know little about what is demanded of them at S.S.B. so though energetic they lack the requisite knowledge that spurts confusion and it leads them to lose confidence which is of utmost vitality to crack S.S.B.

Against all these odds Major Kalshi Classes is the best platform to launch your preparation for the ultimate, as it imparts most valuable guidance covering almost all the parts of S.S.B. Among them one of the toughest parts of an S.S.B. test is picture perception and description test and the aspirants here get themselves acquainted with different plots and the art of forming a story on the basis of the numbers of characters. Here runs regular classes for lecture delivery and group discussion on current topics under well experienced faculty who let them get well versed with do's and don'ts of it the regular classes for Word Association Test (W.A.T.) is held adhering to the norms of S.S.B. i.e./ 60 words in fifteen minutes M.K.C. has got a team of high level ex-officers who supervise the various classes of psychology test. Group Captain L.K. Pandey Sir takes care of screening and Psychology, Colonel Dutta Sir looks after screening and G.T.O. and wing Commander K.P. Thakur Sir is the interviewing officer our S.S.B. Team. Here they get the first taste of (S.R.T.) Situation reaction test and they come across different critical situations where they have to apply their senses so as to arrive at a logical decision. In a nutshell every passing moment instill in them new information that removes their illusions and they emerge brimming with confidence ready to encounter any challenge.

GTO Ground

Our G.T.O. ground is one of the best equipped grounds having most of the facilities of different physical task and obstacles that are performed under the guidance of Ex-Army officer who imparts them valuable tips and tricks of cracking the physical tasks obstacles it pours in them great confidence and they accomplish the tasks quite successfully. The coaching of S.S.B. goes on for 14 days unabatedly 8 hours per day, 132 hours in all but this long phase is so well devised that the candidates remain fully engrossed in different tedious but entertaining task testing the limits of mental, emotional and physical endurance, so as to carve out the best of a candidate.

Medical Check-Up Camps

The Indian Army demands hundred percent physically fit candidates for their cadre and it is the reason that every aspirant has to undergo rigorous endurance test matching the standard set by the Army. The M.K.C. holds periodic medical camps where every candidate has to go through close scrutiny of the eminent doctors who detect even the slightest irregularity and the candidate comes to know what his shortcoming is and how to overcome it. Once they are declared fit, they leave no stone unturned in attaining their goal. It works as panacea in gaining their lost confidence. It is an integral part of S.S.B. course.

Discipline and System

There are two factors structuring the backbone of every army, they are discipline and system. Keeping above in view the M.K.C. believes it in word and action. Punctuality is the first thing that gets the top priority. The faculty and staff are so acclimatized to it that one can match one’s watch with their schedule. No doubt discipline is the first and foremost thing for one’s existence in the institute. Adherence to time, regularity and dress code is essential to meet in toto. We pour all good qualities in each and every candidate so that they may have a taste of rigid discipline in each and every sphere of life. Here the students are taught to follow the system strictly without any slippage.

Physical Training:

Physical fitness plays a vital role in shaping the life style of every person. Hence a great stress is laid to develop physical fitness, stamina and endurance in S.S.B. As army believe in “fittest to the survival” hence physical fitness is of the utmost importance for every officer, who has to maintain his fitness of highest level throughout his service career. It also helps to achieve the top performance. Sports indeed instill and promote varying virtues in an individual which oozes great energy that is reflected in the whole life of an officer. Here at Major Kalshi Classes we develop a healthy sports culture among the aspiring candidates so that every aspirant may have an opportunity to exhibit officer like quality. Through sports we actually let the aspirant know the real value of leadership, team work, cooperation, healthy sense of competition, sportsman spirit, equilibrium of mind while facing victory or defeat, strategic planning, persistence, patience and the vitality of training that gear up the overall personality of a candidate making him an answer to the call of duty.
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