Why Join MKC Mock Test?

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Why taking mock tests are important?

The preparation of defense related exams involves examining the syllabus, defining the concepts, following the exam pattern and solving the numerical. However, most of the candidates lose sight of or give less significance to taking up the mock tests. To maintain a fixed check on the preparation level and to identify one’s inaccuracy, it is necessary that candidates take up a mock test. During preparation, estimation is equally important and for that intention, mock test becomes compulsory, it also gives an idea about the topics from which the questions are repeatedly asked.

Why You Should Take MKC Mock Test?

  • To know the pattern of the paper – Candidates can know the syllabus and pattern of their respective defense related examinations more closely by practicing the question present in our mock tests.
  • To know the type of questions – While practicing the mock tests, candidates will get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam – analytical, theoretical or calculative.
  • To recognize the important topics – During the practice of our mock tests, candidates will get to know the important topics from which questions could be asked in the entrance exam.
  • To increase speed – The regular practice of our mock tests will help candidates to increase their speed in the exam.
  • To enhance time management skills – Candidates will be able to solve questions in the exam quicker and faster after the constant practice of our mock tests.
  • To improve efficiency – The possibility of making silly mistakes in the exam will reduce as the efficiency will improve with the frequent practice through our mock tests.
  • To get an insight about the exam – Candidates will get a deep insight about the setting of exam, choice of questions and what exactly the examiners want to test by practicing our mock tests.
  • To judge one’s ability – Through practicing our mock tests, candidates will be able to judge their ability and if not satisfied, can make efforts to push themselves more in the preparation process.
  • To get a reality check – Our Mock Tests will help candidates get a reality check of their preparation status which is necessary. This way, candidates can try and maintain a balance between being over confident and under confident.
  • To know the level of exam – Candidates after taking our mock tests will be able to know that how the level of exam varies from moderate to easy to difficult. Attempting the mock test will help candidates know their performance at all the three levels.
  • To know the weightage of questions – Candidates can also check the marking scheme in the question paper with the topics present in mock tests. Candidates can then plan their preparation accordingly.
  • To get the feel of the exam – Before appearing in the main exam, candidates can get the feel of it by taking up our mock tests. This will help the aspiring candidates loose inhibitions and gain confidence to appear in the exam.

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